About Us

Our company was established in 2010 in Malatya apricots is operated. The excellent factory area of ​​2450 m² in the center of Malatya and hygienic quality are produced. 
Be considered as a quality of the domestic market chains in local and national markets, apricot, walnut, fig, plum and grape and so on. We offer to our customers products prepared in our factory.
Our Vision
From a hygienic environment without compromising our principles, standards, aiming to achieve a stable growth by producing the appropriate product.The whole world recognizes us to pursue major projects move into the future, we aim to be a reliable brand in the sample.
Our Mission
Especially in the satisfaction of our consumers, our employees know our duty face laugh."Only high quality raw materials, high quality products can be obtained." with a philosophy of work.Because quality is not a coincidence are in consciousness.Decent and clean environment, innovative spirit, a young, dynamic and a team of experts in the field's table enjoyable moments of consumers by producing tasty products being partners.
1 - Customer satisfaction-oriented,
2 - People who value health,
3 - Honest, reliable,
4 - A company that gives importance to moral values​​.